2020 spring and summer alone, the yellow, bright pink sallows perfect your dazzling personality!

Coats & Jackets

As young forces rise, yellow emerging becomes a key color.

The light color of fresh lemon yellow has a wide appeal.

Especially in midsummer,

From the consumption of young people to more consumer groups.

Coats & Jackets

2019SS·Fresh Lemon Yellow|Color Matching。The choice of fresh lemon color in the matching color is mainly based on simple colorless tone.Suitable for monochrome themes,Or with other bright colors in the palette,Add new ideas to your images.

Coats & Jackets
Coats & Jackets

2020SS·Fresh Lemon Yellow|Color Evolution

The prevalence of young forces,

Yellow will be brighter,

Showing the feeling of youthful energy,

Bright pink sallows will gradually be loved by the hipsters.

Coats & Jackets

Powder wax yellow

– 2020 SS –

Bright pink sallows give off the feeling of freedom and vitality.

In the midsummer, it is even more astounding.

Highlight the dazzling personality of the new generation.

Coats & Jackets

2020SS·Powder Yellow|Color Matching

Powdered sallow is mainly based on large-area color.

With a light pastel color,

Form a different color matching rule.

Coats & Jackets
Coats & Jackets

2020SS powder wax yellow | group goods with

Large-scale use of powdered wax yellow products,

Forming a warm and cold collision with the light blue,

Diverse color matching in spring and summer of 2020

Demonstrate the eclectic youthful vitality.

Coats & Jackets
Coats & Jackets
Coats & Jackets

2020SS·Powder yellow|Style recommendation

Bright pink ash is only needed

Small area of color collision or pattern

Even the simplest T-shirts can be alive.

Coats & Jackets
Coats & Jackets
Walk Of Shame
Coats & Jackets
Coats & Jackets
Coats & Jackets
Nu Parcc

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