Falling lazy formula in the fall 4 styles let you wear zero mistakes in autumn and winter!

The cool weather makes people lazy. I can’t help but want to sleep for a few more minutes. Even getting out of bed has become a big challenge. I have to be late for school. Of course, I have to choose the best one, even if my head is not. Wake up will not miss the hat T! Today, I will introduce 4 kinds of hats for everyone to wear, cute, personality, Wenqing, all can be perfect!

Cute wind x short skirt, shorts
Coats & Jackets

A little oversize cap T, like stealing boyfriend’s clothes, with shorts, short skirts, not letting the loose tops drag the whole body proportions, there is a little contrast, let people look straight and cute.

At this time, I am glad that the winter here is not as cold as South Korea and Japan. Shorts and short skirts will not be frozen to Phi Phi.

I think that pink is too picky skin color, looks too cute and very difficult to parry girl, you can also choose warm yellow, looks lively and energetic, not easy to have a sweet feeling, is also one of the popular colors this autumn and winter.

Personality style x black single item

How to make the casual cap T look individual, the easiest way to get started is to “join the black piece”, although the answer is very common but it is a shortcut to personality.

Coats & Jackets

In addition to the dark-colored clothing, purple, royal blue is also very suitable for individual girls, and there is super good whitening effect, so that the face becomes whiter and brighter, and the girl who doesn’t want to wear black paint every day can also try it.

Wenqing Department x calm color, loose lower body

The low-key Wenqing girls, in addition to choosing the khakis that are good all year round, are also very suitable for dark green and navy in winter. This versatile and eye-catching color is matched with a loose dress style, such as wide pants. And long skirts, conservative but very own style.

Coats & Jackets

Worried that loose clothing will make the whole person very dull, you can also use round glasses and berets to decorate, so that the whole person is more focused and spirited.

Casual x jeans, white socks

Everyone should have had that kind of reason, but I don’t want to spend time dressing up! Especially in the winter, this super sleepy season is completely the time when the hat Tx jeans x white socks come out, except the super red denim wide pants. In addition, you can also try to see the reflexed jeans, one is very important, really wear it and leave.

Coats & Jackets

A girl with ten pairs of white socks is not too much. Although it doesn’t take much time to wear a pair of socks, when I rush out of the door, I really don’t have time to match the color, wearing a white stocking tube and what color it is on. Can take, hat Tx jeans x white socks can be said to be a lazy formula, class is too late to rely on it right!

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