How to wear it in the summer, these 4 daily versatile items, it is not rude to wear to the office!

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In hot and humid weather, don’t talk about going to work, you need courage to walk to the street. However, if it is fashionable and comfortable to wear, it will naturally be more motivated to work, dispelling the lazy mood of summer. Compared with the multi-level wear in winter, the summer is most demanding and simple, but at the same time it is necessary to retain the professional image in the workplace, not too casual and casual. It’s time to put the following four items into your summer work wardrobe, making work a pleasure!

*Shirt skirt

Coats & Jackets

On the days when you are too lazy to match, the shirt skirt is the most convenient and error-free choice. It has the formality of a shirt, but it is not too rigid. You may wish to start with a thin cotton, even if it is hot in summer. If you want to be mentally neat, it is an indispensable step to tie your belt!

*Simple sandals

Coats & Jackets

If the working environment allows sandals to be worn, then the simple and generous commuter style is a must-have item for summer. Compared to designs that are too clever or high-heeled, the flat-bottomed sandals are versatile, more comfortable when walking, and girls who admire the simple style are not to be missed.

*cargo pants

Coats & Jackets

In addition to jeans, cargo pants are also increasingly popular pants. Its loose pants are more neutral, and there is also a trendy atmosphere that is effortless. In addition, it is also very easy to manage, and you can switch between casual and mature winds. If you want to change your trousers, you may want to try something new.

*Large handbag

Coats & Jackets

For the working class, how can there be no practical big handbag? In addition to the considerable capacity, the big handbag has a sense of freedom from the holiday, as if ready to go to the beach to relax. Of course, if you want to retain a sense of formality, leather materials are always the best choice.

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