Is it too boring to wear in summer? Put on the crazy yellow fashion of the bloggers!

Speaking of the hot summer outfits, the sultry is always a little powerless. The uniform clothing also makes people feel that they can’t afford new things. The weather makes people unable to level up. It’s better to start with color and pattern and learn fashion. People wear bright yellow items to give you extra points. You may think that yellow is not easy to control, but this group of fashion street shooters tells everyone that yellow is actually quite versatile, and it can better match the skin tone. Don’t be shy about it this summer.

1.All yellow dress

Coats & Jackets

The dress is the most refreshing dress in the summer, but in the past, everyone chose to dress some concentrated floral styles, in order to dilute the mature taste, but in fact, the all-yellow skirt has a sense of leisure, more for some dresses Some vitality.

2.Yellow and white

Coats & Jackets

If you don’t like all-yellow dressing, consider using white to blend, white even if it is wild, it can complement the bright yellow. Fashionable Daren’s favorite yellow and white, is a white top and a yellow umbrella skirt, with a high-heeled shoes to wear a feminine, or wearing white shoes to wear the street style, also the same youth.

3.Pants with

Coats & Jackets

If you are not a dress control, do not like to be feminine, do not take the youthful girl style, yellow pants are another fashion choice. For a little leisure, you can choose a narrow cropped trousers with a straw hat for a holiday feel. If you are fashionable, you can use wide-leg pants to create an image of an intellectual woman.

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