Light gray small suit with matching skills 5 tips to make you different

Light gray small suit matching skills

1, light gray suit with bright color T-shirt

A bright T-shirt is worn inside the suit, and the lower body is fitted with regular jeans and loafer loafers. Office workers are most suitable for this kind of wear, semi-formal dress, seemingly casual and natural, in fact, the match is very particular.

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2, light gray suit with patent leather skirt

The black shiny leather makes the serious suit look brand new, with a touch of fashion, with black pointed socks and half a shirt into the skirt.

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3, light gray suit with trousers

Wearing a suit is a conservative and not easy to make mistakes, but it may be too monotonous, so you can’t choose the basics, but choose more features. For example, the tops or trousers have ruffle details. The matching inside the suit should be designed with a sense of design. Otherwise, it is easy to be too mediocre. The neckline has a better pattern. You can also wear a patterned silk scarf at the neckline to make the whole set look color.

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4, light gray suit with T-shirt and jeans

It is also a combination of office lady, just wear a letter T, white T can be, the lower body with straight or slim jeans, casual wear is very type. Dark grey suits can be worn with dark denim, and light grey can be worn with light denim. If you wear a white T, the shoes will become the most colorful point of the whole set of look, you can wear the pointed high-heeled shoes of fashion – the look of the career woman.

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5, light gray suit with denim skirt

This year’s popular denim skirt can also be worn out, and it can be worn with retro black logo belts like denim shorts.

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