What color pants are in the blue top.

The blue top can be worn with white, black, grey and tonal jeans. Blue clothes give people a fresh and elegant feeling. Different levels of blue and styles need to be matched with different styles of bottoms to bring different visual effects. There are a lot of blue short-sleeved collocations, as long as you carefully match it will always bring a different feeling.

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Blue top + white pants

With the look: blue blouse with white trousers is very fresh and elegant, especially the white wide-leg pants, it is easier to create a trendy temperament. Blue T-shirts or shirts can be paired with white high-waist shorts or white trousers, and blue tops with white trousers are perfect for summer, making it easy to wear a fresh summer look.

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Blue top + grey pants

With the look: blue top with gray pants is a workplace lady temperament, especially with a slim gray harem pants or trousers, and then with a pointed high heels, easy to pull out the high cold temperament.

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Blue top + same color pants

With the look: the blue top with the same color pants is very stealthy, the uniform color is more fresh, if you are worried that the color is too monotonous, you can spend a little thought on the accessories. The blue suit with white bag and shoes is very simple, fresh, elegant and temperament.

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Blue top + black pants

Matching point of view: black as a versatile thin color, with a blue top is also natural. The shoes can be chosen to be the same color as the trousers, which can visually extend the leg lines and become taller and thinner.

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